The mission of the StoreCockpit team

The competitive pressure in e-commerce is greater than ever today. Gone are the days in which even simply set up and managed web shops could generate sales. Since the demands of customers keep growing every day, it is more important than ever to be able to make data-based decisions in order to optimally control the processes in your own online shop.

We believe that business intelligence solutions for this should not only be withheld from large web shops with large amounts of capital and large numbers of employees. That is why we developed StoreCockpit to support the operators of online shops of all sizes, inexpensively and without effort, with important key figures and detailed analyzes in multiplying their business success.

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Our history

As founders of the Shopware agency webfellows, Alex and Janic Schönberg recognized time and time again that many online retailers often make their business decisions based on their gut feeling because they lacked the relevant data or were difficult to access. The agency found itself repeatedly confronted with requests for changes from customers, which were not implemented due to the economic consequences for the respective web shop. Controlling specific to e-commerce is also often very time-consuming.

Out of this observation, the idea arose in 2018 to develop a cost-effective tool that analyzes web shop data fully automatically and makes it available to online retailers for decision-making. This was the hour of birth of the SaaS solution StoreCockpit, which was then developed in cooperation with international partners.

Milestones in our history

2014 - Foundation of webfellows UG

Janic and Alex Schönberg founded webfellows UG specializing in the development and marketing of Shopware online shops.

2018 - The StoreCockpit idea

In a customer meeting, data-based business decisions in connection with online shops were discussed. The idea for StoreCockpit was born.

2019 - The StoreCockpit prototype

webfellows developed a StoreCockpit prototype. The prototype was subsequently tested by over 200 shop owners. The StoreCockpit concept was further elaborated in detail.

2020 - Start of development

Development of the StoreCockpit platform began at the end of 2020. The latest, high-performance web technologies such as Vue.js and Node.js were used.

2021 - Release von StoreCockpit

The first tariffs (Free and Starter) were released in summer 2021. Both tariffs include the StoreCockpit Academy and a partner program for agencies has been started.

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