Invest in a growth market

The e-commerce market is growing faster than ever today. In many cases, customers now prefer to buy goods on the Internet. This indicates a trend that has intensified, particularly due to the current pandemic situation. Brick-and-mortar retailers are also increasingly forced to offer their goods for sale online, which increases the competitive pressure in online retail.

Within this competitive environment, data-based decision-making is essential for the economic survival of a company, which is also noticeable in the increased use of business intelligence software. With StoreCockpit, you are investing in an innovative BI solution which, thanks to its cost efficiency and ease of use, is entering an enormous growth market.

Investment-Informationen über StoreCockpit

We are innovative and growth-oriented

Our young team is characterized in particular by its high level of commitment, flat hierarchies and family cohesion. Even though our company is characterized by a high degree of innovation and visionary skills, we are still no newcomers to the business. We already have many years of experience in the shopware agency sector and are therefore very well informed about the concerns and wishes of web shop operators. Our vision of offering a cost-effective and simple BI solution for all online retailers also shows our will to continue growing with StoreCockpit and to open up new markets in the future.

Where is StoreCockpit currently?

Thanks to the participation of some investors, all of StoreCockpit's basic functions have already been developed. Together with the large number of known contacts and lead users, this enabled us to have a successful product launch.

However, the goal is to develop further functionalities and plugins over time in order to expand the range of functions and open up new markets. As an investor, we offer you a low-risk investment opportunity in an already proven and established product.

Investor information in a nutshell

2-Pager / Pitch (German)

In our 2-pager you will find all important investment information and the business model, target groups, marketing, sales and the target groups of StoreCockpit in a condensed form.

StoreCockpit Investoreninfo 2pager