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Order analysis

Analyze the ordering behavior of your customers and thus ensure more transparency. Evaluations, such as average order value or geographic analyzes, enable you to identify potential savings, streamline processes and reduce administrative costs.

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Data-based control of processes, marketing or product range design with order analyzes

Not only who is ordered, but especially when and where is ordered, are of great relevance, for example in order to identify local and seasonal trends at an early stage. How many orders were there this month and which of them have already been processed or are still pending? With StoreCockpit you are always informed about the current state of affairs. Would you like a graphic showing the course of the year for your orders? No problem! With StoreCockpit, you are always just a few clicks away from the reports you want.

Key figures of the order analyzes that online retailers should analyze.

  • Ø Number of orders per customer
  • Orders by post code/country
  • Orders by customer groups
  • Average order value
  • Number of orders
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