Detailed customer analyses

Get to know your customers' buying behaviour better. A variety of evaluations and statistics of important customer key figures give you detailed data for conclusions on customer acquisition, customer retention and customer management.

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Discover potential with your customers

Who are your A, B or C customers? StoreCockpit shows you which customers generate how much turnover and which articles were ordered. Would you like a customer list with customers who have not ordered for a while? StoreCockpit has a solution for that too!

Use customer analyses to better manage and control your marketing campaigns. Use your marketing budget in a more targeted way and minimise your costs for more profitability.

The most important key figures that online retailers should analyse.

  • A-B-C Analyses
  • Turnover by customer
  • Number of orders by customer
  • Average order value by customer
  • Customer lists
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Customer data are your capital.

Why these analyses are important.

Today, customer data is an essential part of your company's capital. Never before has it been so important and at the same time so easy to recognise and target your customers and their behaviour. If you know your customers, you can also localise further potential for your shop. Especially as a marketing tool, you should always know what your customers need and how best to reach them. However, almost a quarter of all German small and medium-sized businesses have difficulties keeping in touch with their customers. (Capterra study Use the customer tools of StoreCockpit to quickly and easily get an overview of your customer data and their preferences. Adjust your marketing measures efficiently, target-oriented and according to your needs.

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