Infographic Online shop conception


Online trading is becoming more and more complex! On the one hand, it is important to maintain an overview of opportunities and risks and, on the other hand, to use all sensible opportunities for sales. Our infographic shows most of the functions, processes, platforms and tools that are important for the conception of an online shop.

Infografik Konzept Onlineshop
Excel-Vorlage Return on Invest ROI

Excel: Calculate the Return on Invest

Excel template

This free Excel template can be used to calculate the return on investment or profitability of a company and its investments. This business figure shows whether an investment has paid off or is profitable at all.

Excel: ROAS - an important key figure for your marketing

Excel template

All relevant advertising platforms for online marketing such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook or Instagram show you a series of key figures. However, these metrics are based on clicks and do not provide any information about the profitability of your campaigns. You can use our free Excel template to calculate the key figure Return on Advertising Spend.

Excel-Vorlage Return on Advertising Spend ROAS