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Payment analysis

StoreCockpit analyzes the payment preferences of customers in your online shop. The statistics and evaluations provide you with information about the most popular payment methods, their contribution to sales and the resulting fees.

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All key figures for your payment methods

Which payment methods generate the highest sales and what are the corresponding fee models for them? With StoreCockpit you are always informed about the current state of affairs. Would you like a graphic that can provide a quick overview of the discounts and surcharges per payment method? At StoreCockpit you can choose from a variety of graphics and tables!

Avoid abandoned purchases due to missing payment methods or remove underused payment providers to save costs.

The most important key figures that online retailers should analyze.

  • Overview of payment methods
  • Overview of transaction fees
  • Total sales per payment method
  • % Share per payment method
  • Average surcharge per payment method
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How you can use Payment Analytics for yourself

Depending on the payment method, you have to assign a certain amount of your sales or an amount per order to the payment service provider. Depending on the service provider and the level of sales, the sums quickly become larger. It is therefore advisable to keep a close eye on the payment methods, as they have a direct impact on your profit. Check whether the respective payment method pays off or whether customers would no longer order from you without it. Try to persuade the customer to pay with a payment method that is cheaper for you or negotiate more favorable terms for you with the payment service provider. The StoreCockpit Payment Analyzes offer you the ideal data basis for this.

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