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Assortment analyzes

Sales analyzes and sales figures, gross profits, margins, hits and bums, stocks and much more - diagrams and tables provide you with valuable key figures for structuring the range of your online shop. Reduce costs and increase your profits by removing unprofitable items from your offer.

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Data-based product range design

Identify the A, B or C products of your online shop with StoreCockpit. Which articles generate the highest sales and which have the largest margins? Which products should be removed from the range and which should remain in any case? StoreCockpit provides you with answers to all your questions on the subject of assortments in the shortest possible time. You can carry out assortment adjustments and, for example, remove articles that cannot be sold from the assortment in order to reduce the effort for article maintenance. You can also better control your marketing measures and sell off article stocks and / or generate more sales.

The most important key figures that online retailers should analyze.

  • A-B-C analyzes
  • Articles by sales/piece
  • Number of articles
  • Articles by orders
  • Articles by margin
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Manufacturers & Suppliers Analyzes

The manufacturer analyzes provide you with data that shows you exactly with which manufacturer or supplier the most sales, orders or margins are achieved. Check your manufacturers' stocks, use A-B-C analyzes for negotiating delivery conditions and much more.

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