Climate and environmental protection

Climate and environmental protection is important to us all! It is therefore a matter of course for StoreCockpit that sustainable action is not just a phrase, it is consistently implemented and promoted by the company and its employees.

We are constantly receiving information about how much plastic waste is floating in the oceans, what impact co2 emissions have on our environment and how serious climate change is. After a few internal discussions and a lively exchange of ideas, we have drawn up an agenda with guidelines and measures for more protection of our environment.

Klima & Umweltschutz bei StoreCockpit

Our measures for more sustainable action

Environmental and climate protection is a constant process for us, we regularly check what we can change or improve.

  • Use of 100% green electricity
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Use of digital heating thermostats
  • „THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT“ throughout the company
  • Conversion to energy saving electrical appliances
  • Promotion of the use of public transport by employees
  • Buying Fairtrade products, e.g. for coffee
  • Purchase of recyclable products